Mountain Biking in North Borneo

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A member of TYK Adventure Team since 1998 where he had his first adventure expedition after leaving school. He had joined the WALKERS OF BORNEO expedition for a week before he enrolled into a technical college in Papar. Finishing his education in the technical college, due to his love in tourism, a hospitality and service industry, he ended up concentrating his family business, i.e in the Miki Survival Camp providing jungle survival knowledges that he had learnt from his ancestor to the visitors to the campsite. Maik is also involved in finding the Sandakan Ranau Death March track in 2004.

MAIK MIKI is also a rider guide/cordinator in many of our mountain biking tours since 2006



First joined TYK Adventure Team as an assistant trek guide in the Sabah Society Sandakan Ranau Death March commemoration walk in 2005. Since then, he assist in guiding to Mt Trusmadi, Mt Tambuyokon, Crocker Range Park and presently, he is also a senior guide in the Sandakan Ranau Death March walk. Duin is also a strong cyclist and he is always a rider guide in our mountain biking adventure tours.

Kim Leng


Young adventurer who learnt fast in his tourism career. He had trekked to the summit of Mt Tambuyokon, Mt Trusmadi,Mt Kinabalu and cycled from Sipitang to Limbang crossing to Labuan and returned to Kota Kinabalu. Recently he had cycled right to the ending point of the Core Areas; Tabin Wildlife Reserve. With his interest in adventure and cycling; certainly there is a greater potential in the cycling tours development in Sabah.



Mr Johari is a vateran Sabah cyclist and had done a lot of cycling competitions. He had also cycling with us circumvent Mt Kinbalu in 1999. Mr Johari is our rider guide in most of our cycling tours.



Isak was with TYK Adventure Team since 1998 as a rider guide. He was once the Borneo Rainforest Cup mountain biking race champion, race held in Mulu National Park. Being a member of the Malaysia Book of Record cyclist for the first group to mountain bike circumvent Mount Kinabalu, his mountain bike was at its worst condition but he managed to make full use of it!! He was the chief rider guide for the 1999 and 2000 UK SENSES Cycling Charity Challenge where several hundreds of cyclists from UK mountain biking from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan. He was also been featured by famous sport journalist Mr Steve Thomas in some of the oversea mountain biking magazines.

Tham Yau Kong


Founder of TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd. Began as a tour guide in 1990 after been worked in the engineering firms for about 10 years.

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A senior Malaysia licensed tour guide who had more than decades of adventure tours guiding in Sabah and Sarawak joined us as a member of Kinabalu Iron Horse rider.He will be more often riding together with our guests as well to explore more tracks in our recces…..



With TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd since the company established.He had helped to escort mountain biking tours in 1999 and 2000 the SENSE whom the UK cyclists cycling from KK to Sandakan in a week duration for 7 groups (more than 250 cyclists in total) in 1999 and 5 groups (more than 180 cyclists in total)in 2000.
In every of our motor biking expedition in the past year, he’s the technical man behind who repaired all broke down bikes!
Agustine had being motorbiking more than 30 years.